When we try to lose weight, our bodies might slow metabolism at first in order to maintain the overweight homeostasis. It takes time for new behaviors to dive into corresponding processes inside the body, and then resurface in a visible health condition. New behavior takes effect through persistence and intensity so internal processes get the message: “I …

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Grooving by Moving

One day in a Neural Moves class, we were doing tongue circles (around the outside and inside of our teeth), and Mira said she could feel the movement in her ears.  I realized that exercising the tongue with these unusual movements was moving the ear’s eustacian tube, which drains in the back of the throat. …

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Keep Cool with your Breath (Workshop: 6/23, 10-noon)

See you Saturday (June 23) for the Breathing Workshop that will give you a 10-minute practice to serve you the rest of your life. A power-packed two hours just for you. Maximum benefit for minimum effort is our goal. (RSVP to be sure there’s space, 812.333.8858.) Here is an exercise to get you started.