Grooving by Moving

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Oct 052012

Girl Smiling by Hortongrou

One day in a Neural Moves class, we were doing tongue circles (around the outside and inside of our teeth), and Mira said she could feel the movement in her ears.  I realized that exercising the tongue with these unusual movements was moving the ear’s eustacian tube, which drains in the back of the throat.

It is so important to remember that our body’s movements affect adjacent parts. With one shout, we move the neck, shoulders, tongue, throat, vocal chords, diaphragm, ribs, cheeks, and chin differently than when we talk.  That shout moves lymph, glands, and the fluid-filled ventricles in our brains in an unusual way.  Yet we say the same words at the same volume and tone most of the time, as if it doesn’t make a difference for our bodies. Continue reading »

Keep Cool with your Breath (Workshop: 6/23, 10-noon)

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Jun 212012

See you Saturday (June 23) for the Breathing Workshop that will give you a 10-minute practice to serve you the rest of your life. A power-packed two hours just for you. Maximum benefit for minimum effort is our goal. (RSVP to be sure there’s space, 812.333.8858.)

Here is an exercise to get you started. Continue reading »

Walking as a Breathing Exercise

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Jun 042012

Try this: The next time you walk (even from the car to the office), focus on your breath.  Match the number of steps for your inhalation with the number of steps for your exhalation.  For example; Inhale with steps R1, L2, R3, L4, R5, L6.  Exhale with steps R1, L2, R3, L4, R5, L6.  That’ll keep thoughts from stressing you; not to mention regulating your heart rate and your blood pressure.  Continue reading »

May 232012

I loved Cindy Bradley’s Feb. 8 Going Vegan in the Herald Times.  She and her husband experimented with a plant-based diet to cope with his digestion problems. The two-week experiment yielded a drastic improvement in symptoms of Cindy’s arthritis.  She was able to make a fist for the first time in years and swelling in her right ankle disappeared.  Not bad for a two-week experiment, considering the diet was neither difficult nor expensive.

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