Keep Cool with your Breath (Workshop: 6/23, 10-noon)

See you Saturday (June 23) for the Breathing Workshop that will give you a 10-minute practice to serve you the rest of your life. A power-packed two hours just for you. Maximum benefit for minimum effort is our goal. (RSVP to be sure there’s space, 812.333.8858.)

Here is an exercise to get you started. Flare your lower rib cage out while you breathe. Move the lower ribs as much and as often as you can before our workshop. This one-minute video shows what is going on with the diaphragm and ribs while you breathe.

Parking in front of the door. It’ll be cool and comfortable inside. (Did you know you can cool the body by breathing through your rolled tongue?  Try it.) Bring your questions and experience. I’m looking forward to breathing with you.


Downtown: 116 S. Madison Suite A, even though it faces West Fourth Street.  Use the door that faces the parking lot to the left of the mural.  It is the cream-colored building on the NW corner of Fourth and Madison a block west of Wonderlab. You may use the parking lot or park on the street. The conference room is just inside the door.

Logistics: There is a lot to cover from 10-noon, so feel free to arrive a few minutes early to get settled before we start.  The workshop fee is $20, check or cash is fine. Dress in layers so you can be comfortable temperature-wise.  Please come scent free to accommodate our friends with allergies.  (Do not wear scented cosmetics, lotions or perfumes.)

I’ve now completed my M.S. in applied health science from IU.  I hope to serve clients better, with health coaching and bodywork skills.  Stay tuned.