Massage/Bodywork for Relaxation, Increased flexibility, and maybe even new patterns of movement

Schedule a massage and bodywork session. Clothed or modestly draped, become aware of and release tension in arms, legs, back, neck, and shoulders. You might have a sweet reunion as you get in touch with yourself. If you wish, we can throw in some health tips along the way, or observe your deepest quiet.

(Picture attribuition: Quang Nguyen Vinh)

Health Coach

Your body is a control panel that communicates every day. It texts you through mucus, texture, tensions, hunger, thirst, relaxation, beliefs.  You want to know how to read those texts.

You want to honor and recognize your own sensitivities and wisdom so that you care for your health as skillfully as your car needing oil or your floor needing cleaning. As skillfully as you would spice your soup, as skillfully as you would negotiate a crowded airport or concert venue.

You have wisdom to interpret your body’s processes into actions—what, why and how to eat and drink, what thoughts and emotions empower you, what environments strengthen or deplete you. You want to know how to modify choices so that they serve your health. You want to have tools so that you can help your body deal with stresses in your personal world. 

Health coaching is for people who want to unravel the causes of their health issues and predispositions. It can help: 

  • Low energy
  • Sleep
  • Digestion and elimination
  • Overall health and vitality

Have you received help for the health issue with your medical doctor or nurse, are following the instructions and taking the meds, but you want to do more to help your health? 

Breathing and Stress Resilience

What are the effects of having a breathing “trip to the beach” that you can use anytime? What are the mechanics that provide the most oxygen for the least effort for most of your day?

  • Do you gasp when you’re not exerting? Do you breathe so shallowly, you feel weak? Do you hold your breath occasionally during the day so you worry about sleep apnea at night? 
  • Stress. Do you want to use your breathing pattern to be more resilient with life events?
  • Blood Pressure. Can you use your breathing to help blood pressure?
  • Sinuses. Would you like tools for high-pollen seasons?

Awareness of inefficient mechanics and a new pattern helps you identify and resolve panic or stress responses.

Take a workshop or schedule a personal appointment. I have shared basic principles for over 20 years that are becoming mainstream now. Want to relax, raise your energy, or focus your mind and emotions? What are the bells and whistles over which you have control?

Posture, Mechanics and Ergonomics

Posture mechanics. How do you sit, stand, lie, and is there a way that supports your bones and releases tensions with less effort?

What simple changes can help your back and the tension in your neck and shoulders? Do you bend your wrists when you play an instrument so you lose strength over time? Do you do weird things with your knees when you walk or is there limited flexibility in your ankles? How does that affect your alignment all the way to your head?

What if your every move helped your spine stretch? What can your gait do for your feet? How to help your neck with your eyes? How does your posture help even your digestion and elimination? 

(Picture attribuition: Marlon Schmeiski)

Healthy Relationship with Food and Digestion

Diets and calorie counting didn’t help me break the obesity pattern of my dear mother, grandmas, and sister. What, why, and how you eat and drink help you get the nourishment and creativity you need. What thoughts and emotions empower you or send you into avoiding your issues by stuffing your face? 

Would you like to experiment with new tastes, cooking techniques, and eating habits without feeling deprived or like somebody else? In my food health journey; vegetarian, vegan, raw, macrobiotic, and omnivore patterns helped me at different times for different effects. Maybe you’d like to check out new patterns without getting rigid about it? What about intermittent fasting and food allergies?

Do you know how hydration helps your digestion and elimination? So many aspects to the food piece of your health pie. I can help, and your personal preferences can get you where you would like to be used skillfully with great respect and care. 

One to One or group (in person or online)

Individual appointments. Sign up for three sessions.

One—intake. Focus exclusively on how you got here, what you would like, and your vision for success. Start on 1-3 practices or choices to apply right now.

Two—Do the practices together, discuss results. Tweak. Ready for another behavior/practice/or habit or two?

Three—Feedback on progress. Ready for some relaxation, or find the next steps. How might those choices evolve?

Appointments are in-person (the best) or facetime or zoom.