DIYWellbeing began as Cynthia Bretheim Massage Therapy & Holistic Health circa 1986. Nationally certified  for +26 years (NCBTMB).

2023, New Biology Curriculum with Tom Cowan, MD, author: Cancer and the New Biology of Water; and Human Heart, Cosmic Heart

Breathing science with Stephen Elliott, Coherence since 2012

Resonant Attention with Stella Osorojos since 2022

MS degree in Applied Health Science, IU School of Public Health
BA in [Physiology of] Psychology from Indiana University.
4-year Resident and staff, Himalayan International Institute of Yoga Science and Philosophy.

More than that, health is my passion through studies, retreats, research and experience–Eden Energy Medicine [since 2012], Gokhale Method posture [since 2016], cranial nerves, mind-body practices and Chinese Medicine.

I am a committed personal-evolution geek, absolutely voracious about ways to help health since I was a kid. That determination helped me overcome rheumatoid arthritis and iron-loading anemia that runs in the family. I want you to have ways and moves that increase your ease in living, whether breathing more freely or getting out of bed feeling relaxed and refreshed

My Health Story

When I was 19, my life was good in general. I had a good job with potential for growth, a nice place to live, and a lovely young body. Doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong when I became so tired 12 hours of sleep wasn’t enough. Eventually, I ended up in the hospital and was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and severe anemia. I couldn’t walk far without stopping to rest from the pain. My knee swelled horribly and my left elbow wouldn’t straighten. Prescription meds had bad side effects (suicidal thoughts and narcolepsy). I had to find choices that didn’t make me sicker.

Family patterns didn’t help–obesity, arthritis, anemia and diabetes. I was determined  to find my own way and my efforts paid off!!! Within a year, I was able to ride my bike and walk miles without pain. My health has evolved over the decades, and so have my lifestyle choices. 

I’m no genius. If my health could change that drastically, I hold a vision of health improvement for you. For ~thirty years I’ve helped hundreds of clients through health difficulties toward a more loving relationship with their bodies. I’ve helped people find just the right personal choices.

It is my joy to help unravel your health issues using your everyday lifestyle habits, natural methods and body processes toward balance and health. You have to ‘do it yourself,’ but my deep diving can help. 

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