DIY ways to handle health concerns and issues. 

I help you optimize health and longevity 

with non-drug techniques that are often easy, cheap, and even fun.

Do you have a health challenge or concern that conventional treatments and dated theories haven’t helped? Do you want new ways to increase your health? 

Some problems might come from old habits. You want new choices and habits that feel really good. You don’t have to change your religion or stand on your head. 

Decide which health issue is your highest priority, and let’s start there.

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For breathwork and health coaching, we can work in person or virtually, as you wish. 


Is this you? You take good care of yourself and…

  • You are concerned about graceful longevity.
  • Your last physical showed decreased bone density, undesirable cholesterol levels, or unhealthy weight.
  • You want to be sure your actions and beliefs support your health.
  • Maybe your genetics have you scared.
  • The state of the world has really got you anxious, overwhelmed, and fearful for yourself and loved ones.
  • Old fears limit your dynamism, and you are not sure what to do.

My services are not for you if you want…

…a miraculous, immediate shift in what is likely a long-time-a-coming health issue.

…to buy something that will fix you.

…a doctor or therapist. If you need a doctor or therapist, please seek one that you trust

Are you willing

  • …to be empowered by choices that affect your health?
  • …to make efforts toward your graceful aging?
  • …to experiment with your choices and habits?
  • …to upscale health benefits with your every day habits?
  • …to attend to the physiological effects of some of your beliefs and habits?

My recommendations are specific to you and identify:

  • What fresh perspectives and non-drug techniques directly help you feel better and live easier?
  • What new habits, mechanics, and physiological processes are doable, constructive, and maybe even fun or easy?
  • What will support your commitment to improve your health?

Techniques include:

  • breathing patterns for heart health, resilient stress response, anxiety, depression, or panic attacks
  • everyday posture mechanics 
  • sleep habits

Work with me for increasingly vibrant health!

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