I help optimize health and longevity with non-drug
techniques to feel better and live longer easier.

  • Do you have old patterns that contribute to tension, dis-ease and even pain? (high or low blood pressure, blood sugar issues, obesity, depression, binge eating, not respecting yourself)
  • Are you tired of quick-fixes that don’t solve the underlying health problems? (drugs, counting calories, fad diets, difficult exercises)
  • Would you like new habits and patterns to unlock ease and resilience? (hydration, higher metabolism, better posture, less chronic tension) 

 If you would love taking steps to help your health, if you know that your actions create or break your health, and would like support to empower your every day behaviors into healing; I can help.

My goal for you is: new choices that resound from a clearer you, and more energy as a result. Using new moves and choices consistently, over time: transformation and more health are uncovered, revealed, and problems solved. There is no quick-fix, but finding the underlying causes and shifting is completely worth the time and effort.

You know there are simple lifestyle choices and habits that can help you without making drastic and unsustainable changes. Some changes might feel really good. Some changes might provide a welcome refuge from problems that were just old bad habits.

Evolving my own health over the decades has given me a toolbox to share. My own experience, formal and informal education, and research–these help me to help you from beginning to subtle aspects of health and healing. Call to let me know your health concern, and let’s see if we can work together. Tune your habits for your health, and kick it up a notch.

Call 812.272.8188 to make an appointment or email me.

In-person or zoom. Choose your path.  food


Is this you?

You take good care of yourself and…

  • You are concerned about graceful living.
  • Your last physical showed decreased bone density, undesirable cholesterol levels, or unhealthy weight.
  • You want to do as much as you can.
  • Maybe your genetics have you scared for your life even though studies show that lifestyle choices and genetics each weigh 50% relating to morbidity.
  • This coronavirus scares you. You want to know what can you do for your immune system.
  • The state of the world has really got you anxious, overwhelmed, and fearful for yourself and loved ones.
  • Old fears limit you, and you are not sure you can make any changes.

My services are not for you if

you want…

…a miraculous, immediate shift in what is likely a long-time-a-coming health status.

…to buy something that will fix you.

…me to fix you. I am not a doctor or therapist. If you need a doctor or therapist, please seek one that you trust.

Are you willing?

  • You’re willing to make efforts toward your graceful aging and your stronger immune system.
  • You are willing to experiment with your choices and habits.
  • You want to upscale the benefits from your every day habits.
  • You are willing to attend to the physiological effects of some of your beliefs and habits.
  • You want to be empowered by the choices that affect your health.

How this approach works

My recommendations are specific to you and identify:

  • What fresh perspectives and non-drug techniques directly help you feel better and live easier?
  • What new habits, mechanics, and physiological processes are doable, constructive, and maybe even fun or easy?
  • What will support your commitment to improve your health?

Techniques include:

  • breathing patterns for stress response and for basic everyday
  • everyday posture to reduce muscular pain and tension
  • sleep habits
  • emotional resilience to deal with anxiety or panic attacks

Work with me for increasingly vibrant health!

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