Calm, Aware, and Ready for Action

Move Your Lungs

Tuesday, 30 April, 2024      7-9pm

Fountain Square, 101 W Kirkwood, #241


Your breathing pattern can help you be as assertive and as blissed as you like. 


Which breathing pattern for a baseline every day? 

When to use the Wim Hof breathing exercise?

When to use the square breathing pattern of Andrew Weil?

When to extend your exhale? 

What to do with pauses? 


If you practice a few minutes every day, you’ll be able to relax when you want or amp up when you want. We’ll practice frequency, mechanics, and volume for a healthy baseline breath.


Move Your Lungs will help you use your breathing pattern to: increase immune function and reduce inflammation.1  You may have a breathing pattern that engages the fight/flight/possum response even when you want to relax. 


Reserve your space by $30 to venmo @Cynthia-Bretheim, or send 

email and contact info so I can send info before Tuesday. Fountain Square, 101 W Kirkwood, #241, but enter under the black awning on Walnut between Kirkwood and 4th Street.


You may be working way too hard for every breath.


1Twal WO, Wahlquist AE, Balasubramanian S. Yogic breathing when compared to attention control reduces the levels of pro-inflammatory biomarkers in saliva: a pilot randomized controlled trial. BMC Complement Altern Med. 2016;16:294. doi:10.1186/s12906-016-1286-7

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