• Virtual with Cynthia Bretheim
  • 1-3:00, Feb. 13, 2021
  • $30 donation*

Or maybe you just want to fall asleep easier.

Move Your Lungs will help you use your breathing pattern to: increase immune function and reduce inflammation.1You may have a breathing pattern that engages the fight/flight/possum response even when you want to relax.

We’ll practice frequency, mechanics, and volume for a healthy baseline breath. If you practice a few minutes every day, you’ll be able to relax when you want or amp up when you want. You may be working way too hard for every breath.

*Pre-register donation. If you have an income, please pay $30 through PayPal or Venmo (@Cynthia-Bretheim). I’ll provide a zoom link a day before the workshop, but I need to know your name, cell, and eddress so that I let you in the zoom.

If you don’t have an income (like many of us), please pay it forward when you can, and email your name, cell, and eddress so that I let you in the zoom. (see my or Call 812-272-8188)

1Thayer, J, Sternberg, E, 2006.  Beyond Heart Rate Variability: Vagal Regulation of Allostatic Systems, Annals of the NY Academy of Sciences1008:361-72

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