How Good Can You Feel?

How Good Can You Feel?

What if the air were filled with your favorite flavor and every time you moved,
you tasted it through every part of you right down to your toenails?

What if the air were your favorite color and every time you breathed,
thousands of teeny tiny feathers touched you gently here and there.

What if your favorite smell came to your nose every hour or so just to remind you how happy you could be?

What if you were the best of the best you,
and the grass cheered when you walked by?

What if the air felt smooth and clean
and every breath was smooth as an ocean wave in and out and in and out?

What if you felt every one of your feelings however you felt
and then let it all go as easily as the clouds float by?

When you don’t feel good, there’s a dark cloud hanging over your head,
and no matter what; you know that it’s just a matter of time before you get all giggly again.

And when you get giggly again and you almost pee you’re so happy
and your face hurts from smiling so hard,
and your ribs hurt from laughing so much,
it’s just a matter of time before you can go back to neutral.  Whew!

And then you can lay on the grass
and look up at the clouds and feel however you want to feel next.

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