Breathing Workshop

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Aug 012017

Better Breathing Workshop

tricolpor kites 3Saturday, August 19, 2017
10-noon, $30, check or cash

Fountain Square 216, Bloomington

Would you like to:
Help your heart beat more steadily?
Relax even when you feel anxious?
Digest your food better?
Fall asleep easier.

You may have breathing habits that engage the fight/flight/possum response even when you want to relax.
If you:
  • gasp for air even when you’re not running
  • breathe shallowly even when you’re not afraid
  • feel as if you haven’t taken a breath in a long time
  • sigh deeply and then hold your breath for no good reason
  • have panic attacks and want to get a grip
 This workshop is for you.
In a power-packed two hours, we explore frequency, mechanics and volume of an easy, deep, effective, baseline breath.  You may be working way too hard for every breath.
If you practice 10-minutes a day for a week and it doesn’t help you, you get your money back! 
Cynthia Bretheim, MS, LMT, NBCMT, lived and worked at the Himalayan International Institute of Yoga Science and Philosophy for four years.
bretheim @sbc global. net
Apr 272006

How Good Can You Feel?

What if the air were filled with your favorite flavor and every time you moved,
you tasted it through every part of you right down to your toenails?

What if the air were your favorite color and every time you breathed,
thousands of teeny tiny feathers touched you gently here and there. Continue reading »

Nov 092005

Preparing for a fallow time

Hunker Down.  That’s what we do to prepare for winter.  When I’m in touch with the turning-in of winter, my focus changes.  Harvest of the growing season fills my cupboard with squash, potatoes, onions, and the last batch of chard.  The empty stalks of my asters, mums, and peony greens get cut.  I break up the stems and place them around the plant’s home in the dirt, following what I read by Ruth Stout. The plants die and disappear from view, shutting me out.  The body of the earth closes the doors, turns out the light, hops into bed and pulls up the covers. Continue reading »