Abundant Harvest or…

The wealth of real food available from our local farmers and gardens is our dazzling abundance this harvest season.

It’s easy to forget how good things are when fear is so addictive and compelling. Politics is hot around the world and here. More and more power is possible for us all if we’re willing to step up. That includes accepting the privilege and responsibility for our health. So what do we choose?

Can we handle the glitches that show up in our world without making our world about them? With what do we nourish our bodies, minds, and hearts?

We are all so lucky to live in this beautiful place with such dazzling abundance. Sunny days and cool evenings call for care to be sure our bodies adjust to the shift in temperatures. I’ve been doing oregano/olive oil draws* and having as much fun as I can to help my body adjust.

Wishing you well.

*Oregano/olive oil draw: a tablespoon of olive oil with two drops of oregano oil in it. Put it in your mouth and swish it around like mouthwash for 10-20 minutes without swallowing it. Then spit it out (I spit it in my yard).