C’mon back.  C’mon back.
Remember me?
I’m still in here,
waiting for you,
wanting some contact,
wanting a relationship again.

 Why do you stay out there?
Out there with things and noises and crashes
that aren’t you,
can’t be you,
won’t help you,
that only drag you around so that you think you’re doing something.
What’s that all about?

 Come in here where it’s warm and cool and intense sometimes,
but it’s home.
Feel those things outside from in here and
you’ll know what to do, know what to say,
when it’s time.

 Let go of that arm, those shoulders, that mouth.
They won’t fall off.
Put that chin back.
Lengthen those neck muscles and
Get the head on the rest where it should be.
They call it a headrest.
Easy as pie. Too easy maybe?

 There.  How does that neck feel, now that it’s not holding up the world?
Maybe there’s energy now to do some things.
Now feel from in here
those noises and crashes and
things that want to drag you around,
keep you running,
keep you out,
keep you holding up the world.

 Where you’re all lined up
and it’s warm and cool and intense sometimes,
but it’s home.
(9/2/04 by Cynthia Bretheim)

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