Longevity and Eating Healthy Right Now

Happy older manI was talking with a friend, whose lifestyle is very different from mine, about food choices.  He said he didn’t want to prolong his life by eating a healthier diet.  His Mother lived to be almost 90, and was very feeble in mind and body during her last ten years.  He thought an improved diet would prolong life without improving quality of living.  I disagree.

For me, eating healthier means improving my quality of living right now—a more flexible and clean mind and body right now.  It may increase my longevity, and I believe it will increase my quality of life as I age too. Looking-Ahead

Besides, eating fresh vegetables, fruits, and nuts/seeds (real food, basically) tastes good and I feel good when I eat it.   I have less mucous in the morning.  My nasal passages are clearer.   My thinking is lighter, clearer.  Real fuel burns clean.  When I need more calories for fuel because of more activity, I love heavier food too, when I need or want it.

Efforts for health pay off now and in the long run with quality of life as I age.