Holiday Immune System Care

Happy Holidays!

Here is a little benefit for anyone who wants a massage—an extra 30 minutes!  I offer an extra 30 minutes to a one-hour massage through January.  Call for an appointment.

Any little thing you can do for yourself during the cold, winter months will pay off in a stronger immune system.  If it’s one brisk walk in the sunlight, or soup/salad instead of empty calories, your body will thank you.  Every effort counts toward more health and less stress.  Good luck and take care.  Our dark days begin lengthening next week.  Keep warm.

Take a workshop in the middle of next month to help you through.  It will be fun.

Breath of Life


Register by calling: 812.333.8858

Breath of Life–You may have breathing habits that engage the fight/flight response even when you want to relax.  With a little practice, you can help your heart and your digestion, and fall asleep easier with each breath.  Respiration is an autonomic function that is easily controlled and easily trained over time.  Establish a stable, generous, baseline breath that will serve you every day of your life.  Saturday, January 15, 10-1 pm, $20.

Cynthia Bretheim lived and worked at the Himalayan International Institute of Yoga Science and Philosophy for four years.  She has been learning and living holistic principles for +30 years.