Neural Moves

Neural Moves, a movement class


Would you like to move more easily or use your body in new ways?  Do you have old patterns of movement that could use a tune-up?

All-abilities and all-ages friendly; these fun, easy moves awaken new possibilities in our bodies that help to keep our minds supple.  You’ll feel invigorated and full of energy by the end of the hour.  If we move in new ways, we can think in new ways too. And we can have fun while we’re doing it.

Class will resume in the fall.  Drop-in, $5-20 sliding fee. Questions?  call 812 272.8188 or send me an e-mail.

It is like a switch or many switches making big connections.  I really have noticed more strength and flexibility and over-all well being… Small movements have equaled big results.  P.S., 2012