Health Coaching

Creating optimum health can be challenging in the face of work and family responsibilities, not to mention the sometimes conflicting advice from doctors, friends, and the media. The best practices for you might be vastly different from anyone else’s.

We will find actions to take that are usually easy, low cost or free, and fun. Sometimes it helps to consider possibilities with someone who’s had to make changes too. That’s me.

How about some guidance and information?
45 minute in-person session. $65. Phone appointments are available for $35/hour now, but not that good deal for long. Both of these require you filling out a health review so that I know more about you before we start.
You’ll let me know your concerns, and we’ll come up with the direction you are moving. We’ll find a way for you to shift through new ways of thinking, moving, lifestyle, and/or breathing techniques. We’ll come up with at least two new actions you can take. If it’s difficult to get yourself to do them, we’ll come up with friendly ways to help with that too.

Questions?  call 812.272.8188 or send me an e-mail.

I help you tune in to you.