Change Your Habits, Change Your Health

Many health conditions depend on habits and patterns

What a delight it is to shovel snow!  My dear mother and sister, both no longer on the planet, couldn’t have done it.  They were fairly out of breath walking any distance.  They were both obese on short, stocky frames, and not happy about it.

I struggled with that chunkiness through my early thirties.  I broke the pattern for good I hope, now that I’ve gone a few decades without worrying about my weight.

My dear father couldn’t have shoveled either. His spine was stiff from one of those inflammatory diseases—ankylosing spondylitis.  I struggled with rheumatoid arthritis, diagnosed when I was 20, and was fairly incapacitated for a year or so, and it took out one joint.  I have no arthritis now (knock on wood), and I hope I have broken that pattern of inflammation too.

These conditions didn’t fall away magically. I had to learn what my body wanted—not what my mouth or my thinking or some magazine article testified.  I had to ferret what my body could handle in relation to my activities, my environment, my thinking, the peculiar shedding of toxins inside and out, and lord knows what other variables.

Obesity, arthritis, and what else can we change with habits and patterns? I’m not a doctor, but I can share what I did and am continuing to do (to the best of my ability). Maybe you can use those steps to help you get the most for your health from the things you do every day, in addition to all the good stuff you do already. Come to a workshop (see below) and stay tuned.