Holistic Health is Like Driving

Conventional health treatments—pharmaceuticals and surgeries—can save our lives, but so can natural or holistic treatments. We need both for different health needs. Why are holistic or natural treatments so varied and confusing?

Getting to the root cause of a health issue may take gradual improvement, and shifting areas of focus. It reminds me of driving to get unstuck from snow or mud.  

Car. Street. Weather. Same gas-powered, four-tire vehicles, but different strategies and processes that work in different combinations depending on the snow, mud, ditch, or incline. How do you know which one to use when? The solution is very individual. This is more like holistic or natural healing. Getting unstuck has different strategies.

    • Flooring gas pedal repeatedly
    • Rock the car by gas/pause/gas, forward/reverse/forward, push/pause/push
    • Turn wheels straight, toward or away from the groove while rocking
    • Brute force of a tow truck

When someone complains of constipation, causes could be lack of: hydration, fiber and/or activity. Causes could include a stressful job, the mechanics of poor posture, too much dry food, and/or tight clothing. Conventional treatment might be a laxative. A holistic treatment might include increased hydration, soaked flax seed, 10k steps a day, postural instruction and practice, diaphragm conditioning, or meditation and affirmations. 

We need drugs and surgeries sometimes, and we need to change our daily habits sometimes for health. It’s not so mysterious after all, and it may take some effort for a longer-lasting solution, but it may be well worth it.

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